USCIS Affirmative Applications

Employment or Family Based or Discretionary


Over the years I have helped many businesses and individuals file H1B applications, PERM Applications, EB1(a) and(b) applications.  I have also assisted hundreds of individuals in filing Family Based petitions, including fiancee visas, marriage visas, same sex marriage visas, and parent visas.  I have also helped individuals apply for discretionary USCIS relief, such as Asylum, TPS, DACA, Waivers (I-601 and I601A).  I am a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association since 2002.  I have attended many interviews at the Baltimore and Fairfax immigration offices, as well as at the Arlington Asylum office.

Employment Related Immigration

Labor related immigration is usually achieved through primarily 3 categories:  EB1-Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding profesors and researchers; EB2-Advanced Degree, Exceptional Ability, and National Interest Waiver; EB3-Skilled Workers, Professionals, Unskilled Workers.  I have filed petitions, that have been approved, in each of these categories.  I have never done an EB-4.   The immigrant investor EB5, I have always referred out to others as most of my clients don't have a million dollars to invest. 

Non-Immigrant Employment Visas

I have a lot of experience and have filed, and have approved, many H1Bs, L-1A, L-1B and TN visas.  I do not as a regular course of business do H2Bs or some of the others.  I have done a couple of E-1 treaty trader and E-2 treaty investor.  I have represented many technology start-ups that have used the H1B in conjunction with an EB-2 or EB-3.   

Family Based Immigration

Family based immigration are usually spousal petitions, petitions for parents, fiancee visas (because they are processed the same way), and petitions for children.  I sometimes attend interviews twice per week at the Baltimore or Fairfax offices.  I have seen every possible type of interview, the quick 10 minute to the fraud separate them and ask a milliion questions.  I always say prepare for the worse and hope for the best.  I prepare all the forms required for your family petition, check all the documents and attend the interview with you and the beneficiary.  

Asylum, DAPA, DACA, TPS, Waivers

I have filed many Asylum petitions, based on gender, sexuality, religion, and race.  Sometimes we win sometimes we lose.  If an asylum petition is denied at the USCIS level, we have another chance with the immigration court.  

Lately, we have done a lot of DACA (Dream Act) petitions.  I anticipate that we will be doing a lot more in light of the President's executive order.  We are also setting up the requirements for the new DAPA (Dream Act Parents) applications.  The most worriesome part of the new applications is the criminal conviction element.  It seems that even DUI/DWI may affect elligibility.  Give me a call and set up an appointment to see if you qualify for the new DAPA.  I have also filed many I-601 and I-601A waivers.