4-4 Supreme Court Activity Leaves Everybody Scratching their head

United States v. Texas, decided June 23, 2016, was a victory for some and a somber day for others. Several states had challenged the President's executive order in broadening the category of aliens that can benefit from discretionary "deferred action." An equally divided Court, AFFIRMED the previous decision of the Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit. To understand what that means, one must visit the opinion issued by the 5th Circuit. You can find that opinion here:


The media is inflaming both sides of the argument. The winners claim that it is sound legal reasoning. The losers claim it is not. The reality is that on the ground, it leaves people that have been here for years, some most of their lives, in legal limbo, just as they were before. It reveals a hypocrisy of our society that cannot go on for much longer. The Congress has to come up a solution for the millions that toil so we can have cheap labor. Yes, some folks cost the system, some contribute to the system, but until we address the issues, via comprehensive reform, nothing will change. You will not be able to deport 20 million people. You cannot continue the lackluster border enforcement. And eventually, the time will come to pay the piper.

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