We can provide services to buyers as a Buyer's Attorney


The attorney representing the buyer can be a source of trustworthy information and review.

I do not get paid on the commission of the sale, therefore, there is no interest for me to sell you on the transaction.  I will give you your advice per transaction for either a flat fee or an hourly rate.  



Litigating a sales contract



When a sales contract goes wrong, you need a litigator in your corner.  A lot of agents attempt to provide legal advice, usually at their own peril and at the peril of the client.  Getting a legal opinion letter can strengthen your position within a negotiation and can prepare you for the pitfalls of litigation.

Litigating post purchase


Post purchase litigation issues.  Sometimes, you do not get what you bargained for and you are left holding a property that you did not expect.  Most contracts cover post purchase issues through arbitration provisions and some cap on damages.  We can review those provisions, provide you with a road map to achieve what you wish and protect your rights.

Real Estate Litigation and Real Estate Closing Services.


All Real Estate Closing Services are provided under Flynn Title LLC.  Click here for information, get a pre-hud, etc.