Over the past 18 plus years of practicing law, I have taken a lot of cases in different areas of law.  I would say, I am primarily a litigating attorney.  The basic principles of procedure, evidence, and advocacy apply to many areas of law.  If I don't know something or it is over my head, I will tell you and refer you to someone who can help.



Immigration Law Court Removal Defense


I am an immigrant, even if most people do not realize it.  I was born in Romania and came to the US (legally) back in the 80's.  I understand the wants, needs, and special considerations of immigrants.  


I have represented individuals in removal proceedings before the Baltimore, MD Arlington, VA and York, Pa immigration courts.

Immigration Law USCIS Affirmative Filings


I have represented many families, employers, employees in immigration related filings.  


I have filed hundreds of matters or cases including Family Petitions, Fiancee Visas, affirmative asylum cases, waivers, H1Bs, PERM petitions, 212C relief.  I was one of the first to file same sex family petitions in Maryland and DC.  

Criminal Law
Traffic Law


I started out my carreer as a an Assistant District attorney, so my first taste of litigation was in the criminal law context.


I have represented numerous individuals in cases involving DWI/DUI, Marijuana Possession and Distribution, Other Controled Substances Possession and Distribution, Assaults, Domestic Violence, Driving without a license or suspended.  Invariably there is an interplay between the criminal charges faced and the immigration status of some of my clients. Due to my experience in immigration, I work to minimize any immigration effect of a criminal conviction.


Family Law


I have to say that Family Law matters are some of the most satisfying and the most heart wrenching matters I have ever handled.  


There are many issues involved including:   property, support, and the most difficult child custody and visitation. It is rare that either side is completely right or completely wrong.  


When I am dealing with an unreasonable opposing party or attorney, the one thing that wins out at the end of the day is consistency, professionalism, and determined advocacy.  


​Real Estate 


For many years I also operated a title company.  I learned the ins and outs of the real estate business and the mortgage lending business.  


I still perform closings as a closing attorney for Hollman & Flynn Title, LLC.


Separately, for a flat fee I can review your buyer's documents and ensure that you are getting what you bargained for.  


I will review your Contract, the HUD 1, the Promissory Note, and the Deed of Trust and give you an honest assesment.  My fee is earned regardless of whether you buy the property, therefore, I do not have any conflicts in telling you the truth.  


I also represent individuals and firms in litigating real estate contractual matters.

Civil Litigation


I have handled many civil litigation matters, including Personal Injury arising out of auto accidents, breach of contract actions, business and partnership disputes, and collection matters.  


Over the years I have learned to never assume anything.  Sometimes, you think the conflict will resolve fairly quickly, so clients put off necessary discovery and work in the hope of saving some money.  It rarely works out that way.  I have learned that preparing for trial is the best way to ensure a fair and equitable settlement.